Tuning In

{(On Me) Sweater: c/o Left on Houston. Jeans: Mossimo. Hat: The Orchid Boutique. Leather Fringe Necklace: c/o InPink. Ring: Amorium. Shoes: Forever 21. (On Kiddo) Dress and Necklace: Little Mass c/o Hugs and Hissyfits. Shoes: Bongo.}

One of my favorite new bands of the moment is Tame Impala. Kiddo got me into listening to them. Sure she’s 5, but her taste in music is impeccable. She loves Hot Chip and Capital Cities. And she’s recently gotten into Haim. So, the other day when Tame Impala’s “Elephant” came on, she insisted it sounded like Halloween music (the part where the organ comes in) and that this would be the part when the ghosts came out. Oddly enough, I totally get that. The next time we got in the car, she asked me to play the Halloween song again, which left me searching Spotify for Tame Impala. When I found them, I came across other songs like “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” which is a perfect combo of the Beatles meets Blondie, as discovered by someone who won’t be able to drive a car for another 11 years. Good taste is ageless.

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