Leather Weather

{Wearing: On Me: Dress: Touch. Moto Vest: Vintage. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bag: Marc Jacobs. Necklace: Vintage from Fly Boutique. Hair: Nue Todd at Nue StudioOn Kid: Top: Gap Kids. Leggings: Target. Booties: Gap Kids. Glasses: c/o OptiWow. Photographed by me.}

In recent days, several things have happened to confirm it’s my favorite time of the year: 1) Pumpkin-flavored everything has taken over stores. 2) The Autumn Mix bag of candy corn has arrived. 3) My family is posting pics of the fall festival up north and dropping hints that divinity (my most favorite sweet treat ever) will arrive 4) The guy dressed as Super Mario is back on the corner swinging his Halloween store sign 5) At 8 a.m. in Miami, it’s now 79 degrees, instead of 92. Sure, that may still sound like “summer” to you non-Miamians, but here, it’s legit fall.

It’s time to start riding my bike again, forcing kid to go on evening walks with me and nudging the a.c. from 71 to 74. This is as close to a change of seasons as its going to get, and if you blink, you’ll miss it, so while you’re taking in your changing fall leaves, tossing logs on your bonfires and roasting marshmallows, I’m putting jeans on again for the first time in eight months. Kid and I have also busted the leather out for a glorious hot minute (focus on the word hot). For me, that’s a sleeveless moto vest that still makes me sweat come noon, and for kid it’s her moto boots. Granted, we’re still wearing bikinis on the weekends, but that’s what makes Miami the season-less hub it is. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want it any other way. Sure, I miss the smell of autumn, but being able to wear a bikini on the beach in December—sold.

Oh, Milly. Someday, you’ll hate me for posting this. But for now …