Leather and Lace

A few weeks ago someone asked me what I snagged while I was at the Alexis warehouse sale. I responded with, “If I show you now, you’ll know everything I’m wearing to Basel.” Well, Basel’s over and now I’m ready to spill the beans on what I scored at the sale. And this leather and lace dress is by far my favorite find. It might even be my most favorite thing in my closet right now. Why? The unexpected combo: Leather for a rock ‘n’ roll feel, lace for feminine flair and tulle underneath for just the right amount of flounce. I sported this the Wednesday night of Basel, when I made my way from the Dior Homme party to the Chanel after party. After party is being generous. It was more like a circus tent that several hundred clown cars unloaded their cargo into (read: packed beyond any level of comfort). In it, I saw Demi Moore, Jeremy Piven and a Frenchman with a contraband bottle of champagne strip down to his red (yes, red) skivvies and take a dip in the ocean, until a police officer demanded he stop night swimming. Oh, only in Miami and only during Basel.

{Alexis dress. YSL heels. Style Ctzn necklace.}