Lean on Me

For god’s sake, man, don’t touch the art.

Eleven, eleven, eleven. Lucky? For some. For me, it was a wonderfully bizarre evening, full of artsy faux pas and a very charismatic little old man. I encountered all of this at Lucky You at the Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC). The event, a raffle of 70 pieces of art, drew in a diverse crowd, ranging from young kids dropping raffle numbers in boxes to well-wrinkled art collectors snatching up enough tickets to prevent the rest of us from having a chance in hell of going home with something, anything. Bitter? Me? No.

While the crowd at BAC seemed well-groomed in terms of art pedigrees, there was one guy who made it apparent he only attends art events for free wine. I’ve dubbed him “the leaner.” That’s him in action above. The first rule of art is DO NOT TOUCH. Just don’t do it. Look at it all day long, but do not put your fingers on the art. This guy not only touched the art, he full-fledged decided to just lean on it (gasp). Yup, lean. The sculpture, a stunning piece by Nicholas Nehaniv entitle “She Wants Two Men,” is valued at $3,500. That’s a mighty expensive support beam, sir.

Continuing the oddities, I happened upon Mickey Michael Todd (MMT) while leaving the party. This sassy gentleman, who can be found on Facebook here, (where we have 13 friends in common) followed me out of the event. In addition to equating my exit to a catwalk strut and inquiring about my dress’ designer (Tricia Fix, of course), he invited our entourage to see a play, gave us a brief history lesson on his own artistic abilities, polled my friends about their marriage and ethnicities, emptied his pockets searching for a business card, did a Karl Lagerfeld impression, quizzed all of us about our current 9 to 5s and oh so much more. Icing on the cake: when MMT told me he wished I was five years younger. Guess what, MMT, me, too. Me, too.

Look before you lean.