Extreme Beauty: Laser Facial Part Deux


{Glow: c/o Vivid Face. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.}


A few months back I mentioned I’ve beamed myself  into the world of laser facials at Vivid Face as part of my new Extreme Beauty series. Since August, I’ve been playing laser tag on the imperfections my skin has managed to bring to the surface over the years. Not only am I pleased with the results of the Aventura laser spa’s Signature Treatment, I’ve actually stopped wearing makeup to things like drop-off, Pilates and basic errands. Wait for it, there’s more: I’m only wearing one thin layer of foundation these days. And it feels amazing.

But, being a Miami girl, I still have sun damage, the little leftovers from all those days on the beach, all those trips on boats, all those water-logged vacations. I’ve decided to do something about those, too, with the team at Vivid Face. I’ve signed up for three Skin Brightening treatments, in hopes of clearing up my sunny vacation souvenirs. I’ve dubbed it Magic Eraser, as you’ll hear in the video below, for your face. Now just happens to be the best time to do so, as going out in the sun during these treatments is a no-no. With Miami tapering off into its winter months, it’s easy to keep my skin covered via sunscreen, a hat and an umbrella, should I venture into the great outdoors.

This next round of treatments is similar to before, with lasers used to treat the skin. Just like last time, a laser warms your skin, while you sit under goggles and relax for the 20-minute session. This time around, there’s a second step, where a gel is applied to your face and another laser, an IPL, uses a bold flash of light (that you still won’t see because of the goggles). Check out the video below to see how it works. It, too, has a warming sensation that breaks down the pigment in sunspots and acne scars. Before you know it, your technician applies sunscreen to your freshly laser-ed face, and you’re in and out with no down time. You can apply makeup and go the minute the treatment ends. The darker spots on your face will darken a little shortly after the treatment, but certainly not in a way you will notice, before they simply fade away.

I know, again, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s real. And it’s fantastic. I’m only one treatment in and a pesky concealer-repellant mark that formerly appeared on my forehead after a trip to the Bahamas this summer is gone. G-O-N-E. Oh the possibilities. I can’t wait for my next session, which happens about a month apart. If you, too, want to see what laser facials are all about, I suggested checking out the packages Vivid Face offers here. 


This post is sponsored by Vivid Face. The experience and the words that go with it are mine, all mine.