Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials The Revisit

{Wearing: Emma Dress: c/o NomadTribe from the PlayNomad Collection}

Being pregnant, living in Florida, taking birth control—there is so much in life that effects your skin. Trust me, it’s taken a lot of work to get my skin to look like the photo above. And that’s me doing my own makeup with no retouching. Pretty much as real as it gets. That’s being said, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a laser facial, so I decided another round to get my skin back to glowing was a must. I headed back to Vivid Face for Smooth and Brighten Vivids.

While I’ve finally got my hormones to chill out with the breakouts, I’ve noticed some pigmentation issues. Time to clear those up. One of the best ways to those is with laser treatments. This marks my eighth round of facials with Vivid Face. And I’m so happy with the results, especially now that the holiday season is here. With holiday parties, Art Basel and so much more, I know I’ll be getting all dressed up a lot in the coming months. I don’t just want to dress my best, I want my skin to be its best, too. Here’s a look at my last treatment so you can see exactly what it entails. There’s no pain and absolutely no down time. And the best part, the facial keeps working below the surface for well up to a week after the treatment. Take a look below and see exactly what these laser facials entail. I’ll be headed back tomorrow for another round so be sure to follow on my Instagram story here so you can see what it’s like in real time.

If you, too, want to relive your skin’s best days, I suggest giving Vivid Face a call and using this code to get 50 percent off the Vivid Laser Facial Treatment Intro Offer Three-pack: code VGH867.

Find it at: Vivid Face, 305.767.7622 or e-mail

Vivid Face Laser Facial from Ginger Fulkerson Harris on Vimeo.

Vivid Face Laser Facial Part 2 from Ginger Fulkerson Harris on Vimeo.