Rent My Dress

{Wearing: c/o Lakzya.

Photographed by Jorge Camaraza}

Here’s the thing about being a woman: You are constantly on the search for a dress. To wear to a party. A wedding. A dinner. A date. And once you find that dress for said occasion, (and oh what a mission that can be) you put it on, show it off, take a pic in it, post it somewhere, hang it in your closet and never wear it again.

Cue a repeat of the whole process for the next party, wedding, dinner, date that pops up.

The next thing you know, you have a closet full of dresses you’ll never wear again (for at least three years anyway—you know, once people forget).

It’s silly. It’s time-consuming. It’s space wasting. And it’s done.

Which leads me to intro-ing you to Lakzya. As in a high-end rental co that’s here in Miami. Not only can you pop online, find the perfect dress (or jacket or bag), you can also drop into their showroom and try things on.

Since discovering the concept, I’ve donned a fab little white number from Nightcap for Valentine’s Day, which you can see here.

And this stunner, a LBD from Solace London. There’s a seamstress on hand to take up the hem, should you, like myself, be vertically challenged.

And the brands, oh the brands. Lakzya rents Gucci, Versace, Celine, Givenchy, among other high-end designers, including Moncler. Because get this: Lakzya also rents winter coats for when Miami girls trek to cooler climates, as it’s wasteful for us to invest in something so pricey we get to wear so infrequently.

What I most love about the brand, aside from the customer service, is how with Lakzya, it’s like having an extra closet you don’t have to make space for. And that is every girl’s dream.

Drop off and pick up is available and you do not need to have it cleaned before returning it. They take care of all of that for you.

Check out the other deets and awesome options here. To see the selection in person, head to 1048 Kane Concourse in Bay Harbor Islands. Or give them a ring at 305-864-4746.

Have designer stuff in your closet you no longer wear? Lakzya will take it off your hands and give you a commission each time it’s rented, giving you extra closet space and shoe money.