Suspension of Disbelief

{Shirt: J Crew. Skirt: Jill Stuart. Suspenders: H&M. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bracelets: Vintage and Alexis Bittar. Clutch: c/o La’ Mod ID Please.}

My husband is a straight up cargo shorts and tee kind of guy. He isn’t into fashion. And I have to pry shirts with paint stains or holes out of his cold dead hands, else he tries to keep them in rotation. What can I saw, he’s a manly man. So you can image my shock when he came to me with these suspenders. He picked them out for me in the men’s section on a rare forced shopping trip to H&M, where, not ironically, he’s found a new batch of V necks to go with said cargo shorts. Maybe one of these days I can get them on him for a change of pace. I won’t hold my breath. But I will hold on to this awesome clutch from La’MOD. The neutral tones work with just about everything. And it’s roomy enough to park all my stuff. How did our grandmas ever fit everything they needed for the night into those dainty vintage clutches? Maybe, they, too, had hubbies who insisted on the multi-pocket functionality of cargo shorts.