Koto is Lincoln Road's Wonder Emporium

Stop into Koto.

One of my favorite things about living in Miami Beach, aside from nearly perfect weather 365 days a year, is aimlessly walking up and down Lincoln Road. Sure, it was better before all the big chain stores took up the mom and pop shop spots, but a few oldies but goodies remain: Consign of the Times, Fly Boutique and Books & Books. And there’s always plenty of people and pup watching, plus new art constantly on display at ArtCenter/ South Florida. My new favorite browsing locale at the outdoor mall: Koto. The shop, which opened a while back, is packed with cool gift ideas: goofy iPhone cases, designer and funky sunglasses, lustful-scented candles, novel candlesticks, Lomo cameras, out-of-the-box shaped clocks, block-shaped lamps, Beatles-adorned furniture, headphones and more. It even sells Alexis dresses. It’s the perfect spot to shop for that person, you know, the one who has everything. Literally everything. The person who’s birthday gift idea eats an ulcer right in the pit of your stomach. Oh, I think you know the one.

Vintage at Koto.

The last time I wondered into Koto, I noticed there was a vintage and sale section in the back of the store, almost hidden behind a half wall. It wasn’t a large selection, but the pieces on display were quality, think sequins, skin bags, ’80s a-line skirts, quirky-printed shirts. That little addition truly makes this curio cabinet of a shop the kind of place with something for everyone.

Stop in the next time you’re wandering around with a cone from The Frieze or free chocolate at Ghiradelli next door.

Koto is located at 811 Lincoln Road.