Mama, I’m Comin’ Home

{Wearing: Dress: c/o Kore Boutique. Statement Necklace: c/o Kore Boutique. Booties: via Bib + Tuck. Photographed by my Mama.}

I live in Miami, which is in Florida (this is not geography for small children, so stick with me, there’s a point to this). My mom lives in what she thinks is Florida, but is actually the Panhandle, which technically is in the Sunshine State, but it’s a 10-plus hour drive away and is in a completely different time zone. Same state, different time zone. Riddle me that. Plus it gets cold there. And the flight home costs $500 and requires you to in most cases leave the state just to fly back into it. Oh, Florida.

Because it is Florida, and I work as the Shopping Insider for the state at Visit Florida, I got to take a trip home to film a segment in Grayton Beach. Not only did I get to experience all the coolness of the little artists’ commune, I also got a chance to hang with the mama llama, as she lives less than an hour away. The whole experience was cool, because I got to meet new people and see first hand what is it they do, which is why I love my job. And this time, mom got to see what it is I do, too.

We spent the night at a beautiful hotel, had a fancy catching up dinner, did a photo shoot on the beach and then she pulled the ultimate cool mom card and drove out to this creek to do a shoot, where she wielded my camera like a boss.

And that wasn’t even the best part. The icing on the cake was family dinner the next day with the whole clan. Oh, if only the Panhandle was actually in Florida (I kid) so I could do it all more often. It makes me look forward to the holidays so much.

Here are some pics mom captured. Did I mention leaves changes color there. So. Not. Florida. 🙂

Filming with the crew. Segment to come just as soon as its edited.