Tea Time

I am not a morning person. Waking up is equal to going to the dentist, waiting at the DMV and shopping at Costco on a Saturday afternoon all rolled into one. When it’s time to emerge from the covers I’m grumpy, sluggish and sleepy. Since I got my Keurig, however, I’m coping with the alarm-clock blues. Now, when 7 a.m. rears its ugly head, I immediately stumble downstairs, pop a pod into my machine and voila … tea. Add a little organic raw honey from the local green market, take a few sips and my would-like-to-remain-shut eyeballs start to open a bit.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker, my happy place is tea. And now that I don’t have to steep a bag, thanks to my instant little tea companion, I’m dealing with this whole being awake business.

For those who thought the Keurig was only for coffee lovers, listen up. Kiddo loves the Keurig, too. Every morning I load it up with either hot apple cider pods or hot chocolate pods for her and we have a warm wake-me-up drink together to get our juices flowing. We brew cold tea drinks, too. And for those who can’t live without coffee, you should consider adding this invention to your kitchen.

Here’s how: I’m giving away one special-edition Keurig. You can check it out here. To win, follow these simple steps:

Head over to Instagram, find me at @gingerharris and like today’s pic featuring me sipping a cup of tea from my Keurig. Leave a comment on the pic telling me why you need a Keurig.

You’ll score major bonus points by tweeting this link, @gingerharris and the hashtag #JustBrewIt on Twitter.

One lucky winner will be chosen on Monday, April 7.   Hey, that should help you get out of bed on Monday. And having this definitely will, too.


Congrats to Sandra Vieta, the winner of this giveaway. As a teacher, she faces 30 teens every morning. I can’t think of anyone that needs a jolt of caffeine to keep up or a cup of tea to decompress more than her.