Totes …

{Bag: c/o kensie Black Combo Floral Printed Canvas Satchel. Sandals: Mossimo Cybill Footbed Slides. Polish: Essie Plumberry.}

The second-to-last trip I went on I got reprimanded by TSA for my packing skills. Granted, my ability to get about 10 days worth of outfits with coordinated bags and shoes into two carry-on bags is impressive, if not one of my stupid human tricks. But by the time I come home from said trip, the bags I’ve packed are so crammed full with what I left with, along with obviously justified  new additions, they remind me of me after dinner at Mandolin. (Read: Overflowing). Yeah, I can get it all in there, but good luck getting the bag into the overhead compartment. It’s like trying to squeeze a watermelon into a mailbox. And here’s where the problem began.

TSA made me unpack my suitcase, claiming it wouldn’t fit into its allotted space. Malarky! Just let me try. I can get it in there. I swear. But that wasn’t going to fly, and neither was this bag if I didn’t get some of its stuffing out. What I took out, I crammed into my already over-sized carry on shoulder bag. Then, TSA told me my carry on was too big. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. In the end I had to check my bag and then wait, like a drunken sailor—because we all know how well I fly—for it to come out on the carousel with every other black bag on the plane. Good times in my altered state.

My next trip, I took my oversized carry on away from myself, and I brought this cute tote from kensie instead. It’s just the right size to get what I need to my destination sans any extra cramming that will get me dirty looks from the lady who also won’t let me pass through with a $12 juice I paid for. But this bag isn’t just for travel, I’ve been taking it around town, too. And with swim week coming up, I’m prepared to shove my camera, laptop and an extra pair of shoes, like these easy to stash slides, inside. Totes awesome.