Everything’s Coming Up Roses

About a year ago, I made a conscious decision to stop waiting for someone to buy me flowers and just buy them for myself. And then, I made it a weekly ritual to bring something beautiful into my home. I’d hop on my bike, head to a green market, pick something that would fill my home with a bit of beauty and arrange it. And it made my space feel warmer, brighter, sunnier, which in turn brought an extra dose of joy to my life. Why wait for someone else to do that when I can do it for myself?

While the whole putting-it-together aspect fulfilled some weird internal Martha Stewart craving I have, I must admit there’s something that much sweeter about having the whole package put together for you. Enter Kalla. I first caught a glimpse of the custom online flower service’s beyond cute arrangements when the brand did a pop up shop at a local South Florida boutique. Cue the obsession. The vase locked it in for me. Add in the fact that they come with a box of gourmet chocolates and a bottle of wine and, well, instant happiness. Why would I deprive myself of that?

Plus, with all this holiday madness looming, the idea of coming up with gift ideas for every Barbara, Sue and Mary on my list stresses me out. So while I’m ordering one to give my home a little holiday cheer, I’ll toss in a few for my favorite peeps. There are enough arrangement options to fit each of my friend’s personalities, which makes it the perfect gift. The fact that I don’t have to face crazed holiday shoppers and can just order online is as good as the wine that comes with the arrangement.

Happy Kalladays.

Check out Kalla online and peruse the adorable arrangements on social media using the hashtag #Kalladay.


This message brought to you by Kalla. The rest is the ramble that rolls around my head.