Just Hanging Out With the Cast of Fashion Star

That’s me (in Tucker) with Nzimiro Oputa, Orly Shani (in her own design from the show) and Ronnie Escalante.

When I’m not blogging, I’ve been blessed with the awesome job of being the Miami DailyCandy editor. Last night, DailyCandy hosted its first-ever Miami event, a style suite with Suave and Rocco Donna Salon and a screening of Fashion Star. The designers from the show were on tap to watch the episode and answer all our juicy questions about what happens behind the scenes. If you haven’t watched Fashion Star yet, let me give you the scoop. It’s like Project Runway, but so much better. After the show, you can purchase the designs at stores like H&M, Macy’s and Saks.

The back of Orly’s dress. Hello awesome zipper detail! It sold out at H&M in record time.

I chatted up the designers and got the goods on what their lives have been like since the show started. Everyone had a great story to tell about “being recognized.” Orly, also a bartender in New York, talked about girls sneaking pics of her face when she poured them a drink. While Nzimiro shared about getting recognized any time he hits an airport. Ronnie dished about fans asking for hugs, which is cool, except it leaves you hugging a complete stranger.

Each was blown away by the amount of exposure the show has gifted them. Orly talked about how her mom has basically built a shrine to her newfound reality show fame. And she shared pics from her phone of her standing alongside a giant poster of her at H&M. A surreal experience, she explained.

But the worst part, they all agreed, was avoiding the fans constant “Did you get voted off?” inquiries. Just like with any reality show, you aren’t allowed to tell. So while Orly and Ronnie (both part-time bartenders) and Nzimiro (an engineer) go about their day jobs, they find themselves being pestered by fans thinking they will be the ones to get the contestants to spill the beans on their stay-or-go status. No such luck. Even with private messages on Twitter and Facebook, you won’t ge them to dish. You’ll just have to, like everyone else, wait and see,

As the contestants sat in the front row and watched themselves at the screening, the Miami audience cheered them on while they paraded their looks down the catwalk. Nzimiro, a fellow Midwesterner—he’s from Detroit—united the several other Midwesterners in the room, while local contestant Luciana Scarabello caused a commotion when one of the audiences members stood up and showed off that she was wearing her work.

To sit in a room and hear strangers whistle and call your name for your work must be a thrilling experience. And to know the following morning they will be logging online to buy their looks is surely a sign they’ve made it.

Congrats to these Fashion Stars. Can’t wait to see who wins.

Nzimiro showing off one of his looks. Love the sleeve detail on this purple dress.

Find Fashion Star on NBC on Tuesdays.