Sporty Spice

Coming from Indiana, it’s impossible to ignore basketball. In fact, it’s the only sport I actually like. And by that I mean I know what’s going on. Football, on the other hand, leaves me absolutely clueless. During the SuperBowl, I am the person who watches whatever estrogen-laden marathon is on Lifetime made for those who think chasing around a ball for hours on end is less than entertaining. Sure, I’ll flip to the halftime show (Beyonce killed it) or a commercial or two, and then it’s back to football-free TV. But basketball, I can get down with. And every now and then I can also get down with something comfy. And by that I mean putting my uber girl-y frocks and sky-high heels aside and slipping into a tee and sneaks. The polkadot leggings, however, keep things a tad on the fem side. Indiana and basketball. Me and girly. Some things will always be.

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{Junk Food Miami Heat tee c/o Junk Food Clothing Co. Forever 21 Leggings. Touch Boutique jacket. Airwalk sneaks. Fly Boutique bangle.}

Photographed by David Marc Harris.