In Tune With June: My New Favorites for the Month

Here’s what I’m most looking forward to wearing this summer:

Hands down my new most favorite thing for the month: These awesome braided and bejeweled bracelets from Rose Gonzales. I spied her bounty of bling at the Coast show this past weekend. Prepare for endless arm parties with these stunners as the host this month.

When my lips need a pop (it instantly wake up your face) and I’m feeling like my signature red is played out, I opt for fuchsia. This Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in Fuchsia In Excess is the perfect stand-in.

One of my most favorite brands, Tokyo Milk, is now available locally at GBS The Beauty Store. This shea butter is the perfect “oops I got too much sun” solution. Yes, technically, it’s a hand cream, but it’s so soothing, you’ll want to take slather a little here, there and everywhere.


A little rainbow bright with these Color by Amber Vibrante Skinnies bracelets for upcoming summer.

Because you can’t realistically go to the beach every day (thought God knows I’ve tried to make that happen), but crave sea salt for hair awesome-ness, this salt-infused   is a way more realistic course of action. Add some, then roll hair for volume.

Tan legs: Good. Tan face: Not so much. Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Serum is your skin’s road to redemption for all the past sunning  and other premature aging disasters you’ve done.  Bu-bye fine lines. Hello, radiance.

With the backless, sheer, see-through everything these days, this American Apparel bodysuit is quickly becoming my new B.F.F.

Summer and nails go together like beaches and rose. Er, at least they do in my world. DIY ideas from Polish You Pretty by Jenny Stencel and Danielle Black will be my go-to this month when I need to polish up.

Because the Gatsby trend is still on the brain, this vintage-inspired tassel necklace from Express brings a little vintage glamour to distressed denim and a basic white tank.

Totes amazing new bag for beach hauls from the Neiman Marcus’ Camp Gorgeous deal. Plus it comes loaded with samples. Check out how to get yours here.
Happy June.