Wugate: The Sequel

{Scarf: Jason Wu for Target. Photographed by me.}

If you thought I was just going to remain mum about this little shenanigan, you were dead wrong. Last week, someone e-mailed me an actual copy of the lawsuit, which I’ve included a link to here in today’s post. Yesterday, the New Times posted the story. And let me just say, this is absolutely laughable. Some people just don’t know when their 15 minutes are through. As the person who coined the term Wugate and as the one who broke the initial story on that fateful day at Midtown Miami Target, this is my take on the situation: This guy is full of it. He was in fact the one screaming at the crowd. I actually saw him shove a shopper who was fed up with the situation. If anyone should be suing, it should be those of us who were subjected to him on the release of Jason Wu for Target. Plus, he left this slew of nasty comments on my blog, even taunting people. (Sadly, those can no longer be accessed because I migrated my site to WordPress since then and all the comments were lost along the way.) Should I now file a suit for the mental anguish he put me through? Please. And I never heard anyone say they were going to chase him out into the parking lot, it was mostly people voicing how unfair what he did was. In fact, the crowd was a bunch of eager fashionistas hoping to get their hands on something new and cute, not MMA fighters looking to take him down. Furthermore, all I wanted was this scarf. That was it. Instead, I was subjected to a selfish customer who was only looking to turn a profit by jacking up the prices and selling his stuff on Ebay. He did a dirty, nasty thing and now, like a vulture, he is trying to pick whatever meat he can off the carcass of this very over with incident because his plan backfired. Give it up, dude. I’d be happy to testify on Target’s behalf. You can’t re-write history, Kevin, er DJ Midas, er Vulture that ruined Jason Wu for Target. Let it go.