It's Social Media Week, Miami

Meet the panelists.

Yesterday, I saddled up on a barstool on the Catalina’s rooftop and talked about social media in the beauty biz for Social Media Week, which made it’s Miami debut this year. The panelists, Stacy Provines Reid (@TinteCosmetics), Jenny Ortiz (@InterviewHer), Maygan Dale (@MayCupChic2), Nikki Nash (@SircleSamples) and myself (@gingdawn), shared our media strategies. Here’s what I learned:

1. Get the metrics on your blog. It’s important to know WHERE you’re base of readers is. I use Google Analytics for mine, but Hootsuite also has options.

2. It’s all about pics. Less words, more pics.

3. Twitter is the new black. Facebook, not so much.

4. Pink martinis with sugar around the rim are mmm, mmm good.

5. Set a blogging schedule for yourself and keep up with up.

6. Be honest. People like an honest blogger. Don’t say something is great if it isn’t. And be honest when it comes to comments.

7. There’s a new topcoat called Dazzle Dry that’s seriously super glues your polish to your nails. Complete must have.

I was really honored to be part of the panel. Being about to share and learn about this crazy online world we live in is always beneficial. And thanks to the audience members who brought up such great points and asked questions that really made us think.

As for Pinterest (a hot topic at the panel), I still have no idea what I’m doing, and now I have friends watching me do just that. Eventually, I’ll figure it out and put something up.

As for speaking in public — mission accomplished. And I survived.


Attendee Lucy Lopez of shopmiamistyle.com asked great questions. Thanks, Lucy!

Me and Jaclyn Mullen, social media expert, and former Six Degrees intern. Love it when out kids move on to great things!