It's Raining, It's Pouring: What to Wear for the Rainy Season

The best thing about all this rain? Rain boots.

I was thinking it. I got an e-mail about it. The time has come. It’s my official rainwear post. When the rainy season in Miami starts, it’s no joke. It could last days, weeks or a whole five minutes. Unfortunately, five minutes has passed and it’s still pouring. But you can’t just hide under the covers forever. Eventually, you are going to have leave the confines of your roof and encounter a puddle of two. Here’s a few suggestions on what to wear when doing so.

First off, you’re going to need dry feet, because nothing is worse than soggy socks. I locked into these Missoni for Target rain boots (pictured above) back when that whole ordeal was going on. Though I didn’t get them the day of, I found them a few weeks later on clearance for $8. Yup, $8. I have no idea how I swung that, but I love these boots and they were a complete score. And they keep my feet dry. Who could ask for anything more?

These UO zip-up rain boots from Urban Outfitters may not be $8, but at $49, they are still an excellent deal. Love the zipper detail up the back. Pair them with this Free People hooded waterproof lace raincoat ($88) for waterproof goodness. And last but not least, whip out this sharp leopard mini umbrella from Saks ($32) to keep you dry from head to toe.

Boots at Urban Outfitters.

Raincoat at Nordstrom.

Umbrella at Saks.

It looks like we have a whole week of this wetness ahead of us. Batten down the hatches and get dressed up in your best rain-proof gear. Here’s to staying dry.