It’s My Blog-iversary

{Wearing: Dress: c/o Lilac and Lilies Boutique. Bracelets: c/o Yvonne Rose Jewelry Watch: c/o Timex. Shoes: T.J. Maxx. Hair: c/o Contesta Rock Hair. Makeup: c/o Hippy GlowPhotographed by KarGar Ohh Snap at Espanola Way.}

Put on this fancy dress from Lilac and Lilies Boutique and I’m ready to shake things up. Why? Because today, 11/11, marks the sixth anniversary of Electric Blogarella. Holy shit, I’ve been blogging for six years now. That’s six trips around the sun. That’s 2,190 days. That’s a lot—and I mean a lot—of blog posts. Enough, I’m fairly sure to make me an OG Miami blogger.

It’s also a lot of change. Since my first post back on 11/11/11, where I got the opportunity to go one-on-one with Diane Von Furstenberg, this world has grown and morphed, died off, been reborn and exploded. For instance, Instagram was barely a thing way back then. Now, Instagram it’s the thing. Until the next thing comes along, whatever that may be. At the risk of sounding like the grandmother of blogging I’ll admit back then we didn’t do full on photoshoots with professional photographers. No one retouched anything. We didn’t need professional hair or makeup before every post. And we certainly didn’t post only the things we were paid to post. It was just a different world. It’s come a long way, baby. Which is both good and bad. The rawness of blogging has been replaced by the beautiful, glossy side of it. Where magazines once propelled all the fun things fit to have, now blogging, er influencers, does, er do.

As it’s all grown and morphed and transitioned, I’ve managed to hang in there and stick around for the ride. Did I ever want to quit? Did I ever want to give up? Did I ever wonder why in the hell am I doing this? Absolutely. Especially when Instagram changes it algorithm and you go from finally getting a thousand-plus likes to barely 100. Talk about wanting to toss in the towel. But the important thing is I didn’t. And I won’t. What’s here are my passions. To keep them to myself would be something impossible. Telling stories is just what I do. And I don’t plan to stop any time soon. To those of you who have stuck around for the entire ride, wow, thank you. To those who have recently popped into my virtual world, thank you. To those of you who are here for the first time, thank you.

It means more to me than you will ever truly know.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a blog-iversary to celebrate. I’ve turned off my comments to ward off spammers after a fun hacking incident, but I’d absolutely love it if you’d leave me some Instagram love here.