It’s Heeeereeeee: Art Basel 2017 and the Faena Kickoff

{Ginger and the technicolor dreamcoat, which is actually my new fluffy coat from Rebel.

Thx, for the pic, Serge.}

And here we are. It’s Art Basel, even though Art Basel hasn’t even started yet. And what a wonderful thing it is. This time of year in Miami is an absolute gift. Yes, the traffic is horrible. Yes, you wait in line to wait in another line to wait in yet another line, but it’s all worth it. The weather is divine. The art is inspiring and, well, there really isn’t anything like this on earth. Last night Faena kicked off Miami Art Week with a VIP preview. And let me tell you, beneath the big full moon, with the cool ocean breeze, seeing these installations as a band, outfitted with fire dancers, marched us from installation to installation, ending in a kaleidoscope-projected room inside Faena Forum, where roller skaters outfitted as angels skate-danced to the DJ, who towered above the room like Rapunzel, was simply amazing.

I was most excited about seeing Phillip K Smith III‘s 300 mirrored installation, mostly because I saw his work back at Coachella. But in the end, it was The Sinking of the Taj Mahal by Peter Tunney that blew me away. These are things that, if you are in Miami, you need to make an effort to see in person. I’ll be back to see them during the day, as I can only imagine how different they look beneath the sun, as opposed to the moon.

If it all sounds wild and beautiful, that’s because it was. But don’t take my word for it, view this mini video from my Instagram story and see for yourself.


If this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings. Happy Baseling.