It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas …

Some pretty, pretty exciting things are happening at Maison de Milly and Ginger (that’s what we call our house). We got our first real Christmas tree. Enough with the fantastic plastic substitute, it’s time for the real deal. Only, I have never done this before, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But that wasn’t going to stop me. Early on Saturday, kiddo and I got in the car and drove to a tree sales center (aka tent with trees), and I told Milly to go for it, pick out whichever one she liked. And she did—within the first 30 seconds of our arrival. Did you know these things cost around $75? I had no idea and given my ability to kill orchids at an astronomical rate, I started to get sweaty palms. For $75, I was hell-bent on keeping this thing alive.

OK, so I’ve got a tree now what? Strap it to the roof of the car? Can I get this off by myself? How am I going to get this in the house? Lawd. Mission accomplished though, and I only needed to run the vacuum once. BUT next year, I’ll be sure to decide where I want the tree BEFORE I decorate it. Like any girl worth her salt, I couldn’t make up my mind where I thought it should go—post decorating. So I scooted it across the floor THREE times mind you. We lost a few good ornaments that day, friends. A few good ornaments. But I finally figured out I wanted it exactly where it started. Typical.

So, here it is in all it’s glory. Milly named the tree Christmas. We went with a silver and white theme with a dash of Hello Kitty. Because, would it really be Christmas without Hello Kitty? No. No, it would not. So what’s the deal with the boot? Well, when I was a kid, Santa would put something in the boot for me every year. It was a gift from my mom’s friend Pauline, whom I totally don’t remember, but my mom insists I do. Forgive me, I was like 4. Nevertheless, it’s a tradition I wanted to carry on with my own kiddo, so each December 25 morning, Santa leaves a little something in there. A special gift, and someday I’ll make sure Milly carries on the tradition, too. Merry almost Christmas. Or Happy Christmas as kiddo would say. And yes, the tree is still alive. Holding my breath to make it through December 25 though.