It's a Small, Small World

Another reason to shop? Oh, twist my arm.

Yesterday = Black Friday Madness. Monday = Cyber Monday. Today, however, is a small blip on the shopping radar. It’s Small Business Saturday, which means its time to shop local. By doing so, you’re supporting local business. And if you think about it, many of the local businesses around town are run by friends, neighbors and family. So, get out there and show your support. These people are depending on us to keep their businesses thriving. This is year two for Small Business Saturday. Last year, I dropped over at Eanie Meanie boutique to snatch up some local goods for upcoming kiddie birthday parties and whatnot. And, by doing so, American Express gave me $25 dollars back after I spent $25. That’s officially getting something for nothing. How can you not love that? To get the scoop on Small Business Saturday, head over here. Unfortunately, the 200,000 limit of registered cards has already been reached, so you can no longer sign up. I’m currently on hold with AMEX trying to bribe my way into getting someone to sign me up after the fact. Is it working? Not so much (damn). But if you were one of the smart cookies who signed up already, head over to your local mom and pop shop and get shopping. First stop, Lorie Lester. Think small, but go ahead and shop big. Justification: It’s for an amazing cause.

UPDATE: I just scored a $25 credit on my account by calling AMEX and complaining about their lack of notification to cardholders about the promo. Yes, I had to talk to a manager and it took forever, but at least I can participate now that the list if closed. Don’t judge. It’s Saturday. I have nothing else to do.