Baggage Claim

{Bag: c/o Isola. Leggings: TJ Maxx. Shoes: c/o Ecco Owando Perf. Bracelets: c/o Pura Vida Bracelets.}

The best things in life are free: Kisses from your kiddo. Your dog snuggling next to you at bedtime. Naps. Sundays without a cloud in the sky.

The second best things in life are monogrammed, like my new beach tote, which I can take with me to the beach on a Sunday, with kiddo and her sweet kisses in tow, nap on a lounge chair under the sun and then go home to my sweet pup, who’ll curl up next to me the minute I plop down.

The fact that my bag matches my Ecco shoes to perfection, well, that’s just the next next best thing.

Photographed by David Marc Harris.