Biting the Hand that Helps Promote You

{Dress: Style Mafia. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Photographed by Simonett Pereira.}

The new year doesn’t start for at least another day and a half, so I still have some time left to climb up on my soapbox and bitch about the things that annoy me before this whole new me, new outlook on life bandwagon everyone jumps on January 1. I’ll be softer and kinder in 2014. For now I’m going to do me—uncensored.

So here goes:

The other day this story from Refinery29 popped up on my newsfeed. While the story itself does not hate on fashion bloggers, the derogatory comments that were posted along with it by people on my “friends” list really caught me off guard. Hi. I’m a fashion blogger. I can see your haterade. The jabs didn’t just come from average joes either. I’m talking about direct hits from publicists who have hired me, along with countless other Miami and national fashion bloggers, to help promote their brands via our social media platforms. Guess what? Not only do we like clothes, we also know how to read and can see you posting comments like “I hope so” in regards to the possible demise of fashion blogging. Did you really just post that? Because you didn’t seem to mind our fashion blogger-ness when you were asking us to use our  Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc … to help promote whatever brand or event was paying your salary for the week. Smile at our face, use our platforms and then throw a dagger in our backs as soon as you get what you need out of us. Classy. Way to bite the hand that helped promote you.

So, fellow fashion bloggers, take note. Not everyone who asks you to help promote their business really appreciates what we do as a business and a passion, because at the end of the day, that’s what this is. It’s a business and a passion project, and we have a reach. And if you choose to write something nasty about what it is we do, you should probably think twice about asking us to help you out. I have a blog, a fashion blog, and I like to promote things I love and brands that appreciate what it is that I do. I’m not here to be used and abused.

Just sayin’.

So, is fashion blogging dead? Well, I’m still alive and I’m still blogging, so I’m going to go with no. It’s not. And as long as I have a domain and a keyboard to type on, it never will be.

The end.