Initial Here Please, DVF

Me in DVF with DVF. Peruse more pics here:

Diane von Furstenberg is a legend. An icon. And she got there thanks to what she calls, “this simple little dress.” So simple, that she managed to convince the majority of us we need to have about 10 of them, at a few hundred dollars a pop, nonetheless, in a variety of patterns and colors in our closet. DVF was in town at Bal Harbour Shops to promote her new, and first ever, perfume, Diane. During my brief encounter with the designer, I watched her scoop up DVF-printed ribbons resting in a bowl on a coffee table. She then sprayed them with her perfume and rearranged them in the bowl. Not a difficult task by any means, but clearly something you’d expect no-named assistant to tackle. Yes, it blew me away that a woman of her stature would be so willing to do something so menial herself. But, according to her staff, that’s just the way she is, very hands on, with everything. And it shows. In every way.

There’s so much more to DVF than just wrap dresses and ribbon-arranging. First and foremost, she’s a savvy business woman. She’s someone women of this, prior and upcoming generations should look to for inspiration and guidance. She practically invented the trunk show. And she makes it a point to employ women at her company. Plus, she isn’t afraid to admit when she needs a break (though she graciously continued to smile and pose for the onslaught of soon-to-be-Facebooked shots, even enduring autographing a purse lining.) On the last leg of her whirlwind press tour, DVF took the mic at her event, plopped down in the middle of the room and shared her life story with us. We laughed, we learned and we purchased a few more of her “simple little wrap dresses” before heading home. And that, ladies and gents, is how DVF gets the job done.

At least one of these names looks oddly familiar.