In and Out as Dictated by Isabel Marant

I finally decided to check out Isabel Marant‘s line for H&M, which launches next week. And guess what? No more of those hideous wedge sneakers. Thank god. Those things were just plain shugly. (That’s shoes that are ugly.) Embarrassing, even. They rank right up there with Uggs. And how traumatized are you that you wore that look? With sweatpants, nonetheless. It’s OK, eventually people will forget your fashion transgressions, but only if you quit wearing them. Any girl worth her fashion salt knows when its time to close up shop on a tired trend. And that one didn’t just make me yawn. It made me gag. And I’m not alone. Case in point: I recently attended an event where a brand outfitted all the bloggers in attendance in shoes. Wedge sneakers were on the menu and we all glazed right over them because that trend, thank God, is done.

While I usually save my fashion don’t rants for the beginning of the new year, I’m just so thrilled that these are on the “for the love of god, please don’t” list that I had to touch on the subject a wee bit early. So I’m on my soapbox about how horrid these shoes really were. Much like Uggs or yellow toenail polish, I never got sucked in. Why? Because I can’t put ugly on my feet. I just can’t. I love shoes too much to commit this kind of blasphemy. If you want to wear a sneaker, wear a sneaker. If you want to wear a wedge, wear a wedge. But this, just don’t, please. In lieu of these shugly shoes, try something else off the beaten path to stick your feet into, like Isabel Marant’s slouchy boots (pictured above) that are slated to hit stores November 14th. See you in line. And I’ll fight you for the size 7s. You can also tune in tomorrow to see my cool shoe alternative. Until then, will the last of you please stop wearing those hideous sneaker abominations? Thanks.

No. No. No.