In 2011 …

What were you doing when you were ringing in ‘11?

There goes another 365. And here’s what I found along the way that made my year:

Todd at Van Michael

When I found out Siobhan was leaving Van Michael Miami Salon in the middle of my hair grow out, I considered moving to wherever it was she was going. Seriously. This girl was my hair lifeline. And a good friend. And while I miss Siobhan and our girl chats dearly, I can’t thank her enough for recommending Todd. Yes, I know I’ve tweeted off and on recently about my hair love affair with Todd, and it’s true, I love him. Not only is he adorable, I mean seriously, seriously adorable, he can tame my mane. And his massages are phenom. There’s three reasons why I visit the salon at least once a week right there. I am so glad I found him. And so is my hair.


Love, love, love my new job. Love it! Staying on top of whats happening in Miami is fun. Getting paid to do it is even better. Having an outlet that reaches a host of people: cherry on top. I encourage all of you to sign up for DailyCandy Miami. I promise the years to come won’t disappoint.

See the twinkle? See it? See it?

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

Every time I wear this stuff, which is made of silicone and a patented Silicone Elastomer Gel, I get questioned to death about what I’m wearing on my eyes. The answer is simple: the greatest eyeshadow ever known to man. Sparkling shadows can be tricky. You can either come off looking like a little girl playing makeup, the makeup portion of a Halloween costume or well, a stripper. Not with this glimmer — because it isn’t a typical shadow. It’s a silicone gel. The texture alone is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It feels spongey. And it stays on and doesn’t crease. Plus, the twinkle factor is out of control. I think I’ve just convinced myself to wear this to ring in 2012. Yup, I did.


Every single Belle & Sebastian album ever. Yup. Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks.” Check. A playlist I’ve dubbed: “Things I Like a Little Too Much Right Now.” Oh, how Spotify has changed my life. If you don’t have it, get it now. I’m a complete tech reject and if I can figure this out, so can you … and your grandmother. The album that is currently getting the most play: The XX. If you don’t love “Islands,” you may need to get your hearing checked.

The iPhone 4S

Fact: I’ve wanted an iPhone forever. Fact: I let my gadget-savvy husband talk me out of getting one. Fact: He was dead wrong about the Android being the better phone. Exception: The Facebook app on the iPhone is far LESS superior than the one for Android. But it’s 1,000 times easier to type. And it’s smaller. The battery isn’t nearly as bad as I’d prepared myself for it to be. And I like how everything interconnects with my computer. I even like Siri, though she understands absolutely nothing of what I ask her. The best part, I’m still a Sprint customer. I know, I know, there are like three of us out there. But the fact that a human answers the phone instead of a computer rocks my world every time I call.

New pose for 2011.


Yes, I am aware that I am a tree-hugging, non-meat-eating hippie. And yes, yoga is worn with that just like a pair of Birkenstocks. But it’s been my saving grace this year. I’d like to thank Paul, Amy and Sharon at Green Monkey for helping me reach new levels and challenging myself. The light in me sees the light within all of you and for that and your teachings, I am so grateful.

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” By Rebecca Skloot

I’ve read through a hefty pile of books this year. But the one that stands out to me the most is this work. It’s a fascinating tale about a woman whose cells helped changed the medical world and how her family never made a cent or was even informed about any of it. It really makes you stop and think about what happens every time the vampires at your doctor’s office take a vile of your blood. Life really is just one big science experiment. And, as this book points out, our roles are anything but clearly defined. Honorable mention also goes to “The Hunger Games.” Educational: No. But entertaining as anything. Can’t wait for the movies in late March.


Who am I kidding? You know I have to include something fashion wise in this list. And Alexis is it. I’m smitten by this local brand. Since Basel, it’s all I’ve worn to every single event that’s popped up since. And I’ll be rocking the one-armed number I braved the mall in late December for tonight. Watch out, 2012, here I come.


I couldn’t not mention my new BFF Erin. Love you more than you will ever know. And to Fancy Fridays with Maria and Marcella. It’s clearly my new favorite day of the week.