I’m With the Band

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

At midnight, on January 1, 2012, as I thought about all the things I’d do in the new year, one thing that never came to mind was singing with a band. But, a month and change in, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Singing. With. A. Band. You probably just stopped and asked yourself one of two questions: 1) Does she sing? and 2) Which band?

Yes, in fact, I do sing. And anyone I went to middle or high school, even college with knows this. Through choirs and a pageant (don’t even ask), I hit the stage with a mic and belted out some things in front of people. And then, somewhere along the way, I decided having people look at you while you sing is just, well, terrifying. And that’s when I stopped. Until tomorrow night. Inhale, exhale.

To answer your second question, the band is the Born Again Baldwins. Read more about them here in a quirky interview bandmate David Aaron did.

Better yet, come to Bardot tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 19) at 11:30 p.m. and give the band a listen. I’ll be the one pretending like I’m not totally freaked out that you are looking at me. But it’s OK, I’ll just close my eyes and you’ll go away.

But don’t let that deter you from seeing a steller band. Between the song mash-ups and the energy these guys put out there, it’s definitely going to be one hell of a show.

Guitars and the guys who play them.

I got mixed in with the fun though David, whom I go to yoga with. He fell into the mix some years ago when he assembled family members and friends with instruments and the uncanny ability to take four songs and make them into one crazy awesome jam. And that’s how Born Again Baldwins was birthed. Along the way, they gather friends and invite them to play and sing along. And that’s how I’ll wind up on stage with a few Brits, a few Miamians and a New Yorker or two at Bardot on a late Sunday night.

11:30 p.m. to be exact. Don’t be late. You don’t want to miss this.

The majority of BAB’s core.

Obvs. the drummer is the one without sleeves.