I’m Wearing Angeles Almuna

{Dress: Rebel Miami. Necklace: Angeles Almuna. Shoes: Carlo Pazolini. Bracelets: Vintage.}

Here’s what I most love about being a Miami fashion blogger: the sisterhood. In college, I was never in a sorority. It just wasn’t my thing. But now at 35, I’ve found a group of girls I just adore. They really are my blogger sisters. My sorority of blogger sisters. From catching up at events to collaborating on projects, it’s nice to be surrounded by like-minded girls who get that you just need to Instagram this pic and hashtag it 12 times before you can rejoin the conversation. They don’t judge, They understand. We’re working!

I was beyond thrilled when Angeles Almuna asked me to be a part of her 60 Seconds With series. I met Angeles at a blogger event over a year ago. She’s adorable and dresses to the nines. But that’s just on the surface. You see, Angeles is also an accessory designer. I like to refer to her as Miami’s Coco Chanel, because she makes the most adorable floral brooches. She also works in necklaces and bracelets. And she was kind enough to ask me to sport this one for her blog series. It’s amazing. I wore it during swim week (pics to come next week) and couldn’t get through a crowd without receiving a bevy of compliments. “It’s so cool. It’s so unique. It’s so delicate, yet fierce.” I feel like that last compliment sums up Angeles, too. She’s a delicate little lady (she’s also a ballerina—talk about a jack of all trades), but her talents are fierce.

Check out her series on her blog here.

Check out her awesome pics below.