I'm Obsessed with Turquoise, Thanks to Rag & Bone's SoHo House Fashion Show

Rag & Bone is a Brit duo design force.

Last night, Ocean Drive, Saks and Grey Goose teamed up for what turned out to be the Thursday night event: the Rag & Bone fashion show at SoHo House. The two designers stopped by Saks earlier in the day for meet and greets, but they saved the goods for after the sun went down. As the models took to the runway, one thing became apparent: We all need some turquoise clothes, stat.

Fashion and cocktails. Everyone was drinking Grey Goose.


It was all about turquoise at this show. Works with mint jeans, too.

It was the blue’s sassier sister that anchored the show. Turquoise tops, pants, jackets. The color was rampant. And stunning, paired with greens, yellows and oranges. Of the neon variety, of course.

Yellow blazer action.

The place was packed.

Photo quality not withstanding, must have these pants (as must every other girl in the audience). Turquoise and orange, who knew?

Taking the crowd by storm were a pair of baggy-fitting pants, dubbed Racine Pants, in the hue. If one person next to me said, “Have to have those,” 25 echoed it. Much was also said about the shoes, with their neon orange detail. And I still can’t get the patterned pants (seen here as shorts) off my mind.


Something else that struck a ton of us watching the runway: This venue is amazing for fashion shows. With the runway poised over the pool, the audience lounging on the cushioned seats and the back wall creating levels, it yielded an environ where everyone could see, be seen, mingle and make the most of the show. Dare I type this blasphemous phrase (because I have a thing for the Raleigh, you know), but this would be the perfect spot for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim or, as we call it Swim Week. Someone ring up Fern’s replacement and tell her.