I Survived the Grand Opening of H&M

… but just barely. This is the line. The line that people slept in the night before. SLEPT IN. No, I did not wait in this line, but a lot of people did. A lot of people. So many that it went back to the end of Cooper Avenue.

H&M loves Miami, and, based on that crazy line, Miami loves them right back. PS, it’s cold (below 60, which is why I’m wearing legit winter clothes here.)

The store itself is amazing. It’s huge (three floors). To the point that it is almost overwhelming. This is just one of the two walls of accessories you’ll find at the store.

Headed to the fitting room on the third floor?

Once you get there, does it remind you of something? Say Blanche Deveroux’s boudoir from Golden Girls? Since it’s one of my all-time fave shows, I loved it. Here I am with blogger sista Susset Cabrera.

The rest of the store carries a distinct Miami Beach Art Deco feel, from the fountains to the foliage and the marble accents.

What will you find at the grand opening? Steals, like scottie dog sweaters for $10.

H&M hired a living ton of people to man the grand opening in its initial days. Here they are forming a Soul Train line and dancing down it before the doors opened to the masses. And you thought your job was fun.