I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me For the Week: Day 5

{Wearing: Top: Touch Boutique. Baroque Print Leggings: c/o Peony & Me. Boots: Vintage. Headband: Urban Outfitters. Photographed by me.}

Well, I saved the most outrageous for last. Day 5, or as Milly calls it “French Revolution.” She’s on the money because these Peony & Me leggings are actually called Baroque Print, which neither of us were aware of until a little post-shoot Internet research. Aside from being on the money with the time period aspect, there’s a lot going on here. So, I had to ask:

Me: Why this shirt?

Mills: Because it looks like the French Revolution.

Me: How?

Mills: The puffy sleeves. And the boots look like a soldier.

Me: And this wreath headband?

Mills: I like the leaves.

Me: Where would I wear this?

Mills: To go shopping. Or a museum.

I actually didn’t wear this one past the back yard. Mostly because I had to be in Winter Park to film something for work. And I kind of look like a pirate. Argh! Turns out, Mills is good with period pieces. And apparently her history and art classes are making an impact (read I think maybe she knows more about art and history than I do). This entire experiment made Milly feel really special, which made me look forward to blogging every day for the first time in some time. It rejuvenated my spirit, if you will, to see how excited she would get making selections and rooting around in my closets. Not only did I get to bond with my kiddo, I got a little insight into the way she sees the world. And to see things through someone else’s eyes causes you to grow. What Mills doesn’t know is that now every time I have a “I can’t find anything to wear” crisis, I’m going to send her into the closet as backup. She’s asked if we can do it again. And without a doubt, the answer is yes. A million times yes.