I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me For the Week: Day 4

{Wearing: Crop top: c/o Susy WhoLeggings: c/o Peony and MeShoes: Steve Madden. Bag: c/o ZimmermanNecklace: c/o KorePhotographed by me.}

It’s day four and Milly’s got me all dolled up in my new Peony and Me leggings, which I’m in love with. Blue and black is proving to be one of my new favorite combos. And anything with a hint of leather, well, you know me. Here’s what kiddo has to say about this one.

Me: Where are we going in this outfit?

Mills: On a date.

Me: A date? You’re 6. What do you know about dates?

Mills: I’m 6 and three quarters.

Me: Same difference. Why the crop top with leggings (because that’s not normally in my wheelhouse)?

Mills: Because, you have crop top-itis.

Man, she knows me too well. I do have crop-itis. It motivates me to get my narrow butt to Pilates on the regular. Like I said, I normally wouldn’t pair a crop top with leggings, but somehow she pulled this off. I like how she’s not afraid to mix a pattern in there. I need more of that, because I’m such a solids kind of girl. Way to go, Mills.

Oh day 5 … it’s coming. You have been warned!