I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me For the Week: Day 1

Meet my stylist. {Wearing: Top: Target. Shorts: Target. Shoes: Gap Kids.}

It’s nine days until my birthday and 13 until Mills, so around this time of year, we start calling everything “birthday week of fun,” which is actually more of a March-long celebration. This year, after seeing a really cute post a friend sent me, I decided to kick off the good times by letting Mills style me for the blog for a whole week. I figured it was only fair since I’ve been dressing her for years now. And she has her very own sense of style, as you’ll see in the week to come. Up first, a look she calls “Modern Cowgirl.”

Me: Why cowgirl?

Mills: Because you have on a hat and boots.

Me: Where would you wear this outfit?

Mills: To a party.

Since I didn’t have an actual party to go to, I wore it to Bunnie Cakes, where we did some taste testing on what she will bring to school for her big 7th bday celebration. All in all I love this look and would actually wear it again. Good job, kiddo.



{Wearing: Boho Shift Dress: c/o American Eagle. Boots: Vintage Chantal. Necklaces: Vintage. Hat: Vintage. Photographed by me.}