I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me for the Week: Day 2

{Wearing: Top: Vintage. Skirt: Vintage. Shoes: Cessole Ballet Flat c/o LacosteBag: Meet Spot Crossbody c/o LANY. Necklace: Vintage. Photographed by me.}

It’s day two of letting Milly dress me. When I first saw this look, I thought human candy cane meets the fem version of Where’s Waldo. But after I got it on, I started to feel where she was going with it. Let’s just say she has no problem with patterns on patterns.

Me: What do you call this look?

Mills: Stripes!

Me: Why did you put so many stripes together?

Mills: Because I like red stripes.

Me: Did you think it was too many stripes at one time?

Mills: No, because I thought you looked like the American flag without the blue.

Me: Why red shoes? That’s a lot of red.

Mills: I like red.

Me: Why a polka dot purse?

Mills:  I like polka dots and stripes.

Me: And the pearl necklace?

Mills: I like mermaids and they find treasure in seashells and they usually find pearls.

Me: Where would you wear this?

Mills: To a little dinner.

I ended up wearing it to a check-up at the doctor and to pick her up from school. And I have to say, as a vintage girl, I love that she put a mostly vintage look together. Yup, that’s my kiddo.