I Heart That: How I Recreated the Black and White Street Style Trend

{Black and White Heart Dress: available at  TJ Maxx. Belt: Vintage. Bracelet: Touch Boutique. Wedges: Available at TJ Maxx. Cross Body Bag: Available at TJ Maxx.}

Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style and I have something in common. No, it’s not street style shots of Anna Wintour strolling down the road (not sure I’d have the wherewithal to hold the camera steady if I saw the devil in Prada herself coming at me). We are, however, both taking on TJ Maxx’s latest challenge: The Maxx Style Blogger Challenge, to be exact. You see, Creyer was recently picked to be TJ Maxx’s newest Maxx Style Scout. And my mission, as I chose to accept it, was to take part in that challenge. Both Creyer and I recreated styles straight from the streets that incorporated the black and white trend for spring. Using the pic below, Creyer put her own spin on the look with a cool spring sandal from the store. I, on the other hand, did a head-to-toe Miami take on the trend, which I scored for just $120. Hello, Maxxinista. I found my awesome high-low black and white heart dress for under $20. My shoes were $40. And my bag, which I found on clearance, was only $60. Mission accomplished. 

{Our inspiration for The Maxx Blogger Challenge, photographed by Amy Creyer.}

{Creyer’s recreated look: A trendy take on basic black and white.}

{Her Maxxinista find: this shoes from TJ Maxx at $39.99, compared to $79.}

{My take on the trend.}

{My dress, bag and wedges c/o TJ Maxx.}