I Heart Hearts

Heart that.

It has recently come to my attention, made noticeable by myself, that I currently have a thing for heart jewelry. Everything that’s made its way to my jewelry box as of late is heart-laden. And gold-toned. I thought maybe it’s just me, but turns out, hearts are big right now.

Lanvin has a thing for hearts, too, according to its charm bracelet. As do David Yerman with these heart earrings. This Stella McCartney heart and key necklace takes it back. And I’m absolutely in love with these Gorjana Friendship Heart Bracelets. Perfect for knocking trends and gifts out in one shot.

And you have to love that.

From my own collection (pictured above): Multistrand heart necklace purchased eons ago, Varelli ring from a DailyCandy piece on the designer, Lola James small heart necklace and a vintage double heart necklace gifted to me for my bday by my Aries sister Nadine.