The Hallway

{On me: Top: H&M. Skirt: Nanako. Shoes: c/o French Connection. Necklace: Vintage Avon. On Milly: Dress: Mimi and Maggie Dress c/o Hugs & Hissyfits. Bow: Laneybug Bowtique c/o Hugs and Hissyfits. Shoes: Gap. Photographed by me.}

On our recent trip to New York (more to come on that), Mills and I found a cool hallway with mirrors and an elevator and decided to do a little shoot—she especially wanted to wear her new boho dress, so I indulged her (and myself). Besides, it was pouring down rain and rainy days in New York lend to indoor activities. I haven’t figured out how to travel with my tripod because it’s too big to fit into my suitcase, so I set up shop with a stool and some books and took these.