How to be Classy

Not just “Classy,” “Very Classy.”

Two major accomplishments happened tonight. 1) I met Derek Blasberg. And 2) I came home with my House of Harlow snakeskin shoes completely still in tact. I’ve been following Blasberg on Twitter for a long, long time (pretending Twitter has actually been around a long, long time). So, when the opportunity to crash his “Very Classy” book soiree arrived, I jumped on that. Jumped may not be the right word, actually. It was more like hobble, wobble, tippy toe. The party, which took place at the stunning casa de Loren Ridinger, started with a cobblestone path, followed by a rock mosaic sidewalk, coral steps, heel-sinking grass and some serious downhill action. Now rewind to get back to my car afterward. It was a stiletto shoe maze of hell (but so pretty—if you were in flats). After teetering and tottering, I made my way to the ever adorable Blasberg, who was answering questions, mugging for the camera and signing copies of the extended version of “Classy.”

So how does Blasberg feel to have his book out there? In his own words, “Nervous, but good.”

Nervous? He wore it well. Though deep inside i’m sure he was lying in wait for confrontations from overly monogrammed bag-toting, exposed thong-wearing and/or pulled-back, between-blowout hair-having harpies ready to give him his just dessert for labeling them “trampy” in his new book. Other standouts from the book include an onslaught of Q&As where Blasberg shares maybe a little too much (to our delight). My personal fav: Recollecting the time he and a friend decided to table dance at a birthday party, which lead to the table taking a dive and Blasberg and guest shooting across the room and sprawling out on the floor.

Thankfully, we didn’t find ourselves in that same position on our stiletto scamper back to the valet.

Ooh, look, I’m “Classy,” too.

Look who I found, fellow blogger The Wordy Girl. Classy.