How I Spent My Summer Vacation

{On Me: Floral Shorts: Shopblush.com. Top: Tricia Fix. Necklace: Vintage. Shoes: c/o Marshalls. On Kiddo: Top: Gap Kids. Shorts: Gap Kids. Shoes: Gap Kids. Bag: Target. Floral Crown: c/o Express.}

Mills came home after the last day of school with a journal called “My Summer Vacation.” The lightbulb in my head went off and I thought, we should document our summer getaway. You see, at the end of spring I asked her where she wanted to go this summer. Once she found out that Cake Boss on TLC was an actual place and not just a show, it mind-exploded her little head. The possibility of actually visiting the bakery was her be all end all. This was her trip, and I was just along for the ride, so if it was New York she wanted to see, then it was New York we were going to see. First stop: Hoboken, New Jersey, which, by the way, is an adorable little town and home to the 100-plus year-old bakery.

Inside, we met one of the cast members and kiddo was so star-struck, she literally hid behind my leg. But to the victor go the spoils and we feasted on these much-talked about lobster tails that appear in nearly every episode, as well as cannolis. Now I can officially say I understand why the bakery has a show. It’s amazing, as illustrated by kiddo’s face.

Our second day in the city just happened to be the Fourth of July, another motivating factor behind the trip. This was one rare shot before the rains set in. It poured and poured all day long, with crazy gusts of wind that flipped our umbrellas inside out. But we still made the most of our time by spending the day at FAO Schwarz, where me managed to get in and our for less than a zillion dollars and a bag of candy.

The summer storm blew away just in time for us to make our way to Brooklyn to see rooftop fireworks at one of my nearest and dearest friend’s homes. Milly was thrilled to see her godmother, Auntie Nadine and her beau, Uncle James.

Happy Birthday, America.

The one pic I have of all of us together, with Milly doing who knows what. At this point we were living on borrowed time, anyway, as it was way past her bedtime …

and clearly mine, as well. We snoozed the whole Uber ride home. The best part of the trip, Mills and I slept in past 9 a.m. every day. That in and of itself was an excellent vacation.

Day three we played tourist yet again. This time, at the Highline. I was so excited to show it to Milly, because it’s a beautiful green space I knew she would appreciate. And there was shaved ice.


Here she is hamming it up in her Hugs & Hissyfits Little Mass Owl Leggings and Tank. There’s just so much in the city that makes for an excellent backdrop. It’s a blogger’s paradise.

Walking around the city is absolutely awesome, but it can be exhausting, too. Not even this much-sought after Slurpee of the grape variety, something we don’t have in Miami, could keep kiddo awake in the city that never sleeps.

And then came day four. Milly and I trekked from Murray Hill all the way to 76th street to shop a flea market. But first, we had to try a Magnolia cupcake, red velvet, of course. I didn’t care too much for the icing, but the homemade lemonade was out of this world. And the place is so cute, it was well worth the drop in.

Obligatory Rockettes moment.

What would a trip to New York be with a 6-year-old without a stop at the American Girl store? Here’s the funny thing about America Girl: When I walked in I saw at least six little girls (of all ages) crying. And before we left, Milly also broke down in tears, because they no longer carry the Mckenna doll. Apparently, emotional breakdowns are also part of the American Girl experience. And, like everything else in the store, sold separately.

Final sight-seeing stop of the day: The much-anticipated Statue of Liberty. Milly studied Lady Liberty this year at school (to which she illustrated and wrote Stachoo of Liberty, so seeing it in person was kind of a big deal. I had never been before, despite having lived in the Big Apple for a bit, so it was an experience for me, too.

Big surprise of the night: Milly popped out her fourth tooth during dinner. And the tooth fairy had to make a pit stop in the city to pay her dues.

Our last day came quicker than we’d hoped, and I was determined to culture kiddo before we left, so I took her to the Museum of Modern Art, which was probably Milly’s least favorite part of the trip. The boring museum she kept calling it. Oh well, I tried. It wasn’t until we hit the fountains outside that she enjoyed the space.

I used the Nutella Bar at Eataly as leverage to get her to the museum, so a crepe was in order to keep up my end of the bargain. This place is nuts. Hazelnuts. And I hope it stays far, far away from Miami so I never need to put my lack of Nutella willpower to the test.

We crammed our crepe in and then it was time to jet off back to Miami. Luckily, kiddo is better on the plane than I will ever be. And she’s not a bad travel companion either. I’m so glad I got to make these memories with her. I can’t wait for whatever adventure awaits us next summer.