Leather, Lace and Concrete


{Leather Moto Jacket: c/o Hoss Intropia, Bloomingdale’s Aventura Mall. Crochet Shorts: Wet Seal. Shoes: Steve Madden. Necklace: Vintage pearls from the ’40s.}

Here’s what I love most about my husband: When he gets inspired, there’s no stopping him. As it turns out, David has a thing for concerete. And when you put a camera in his hand, that thing for concerete gets intensified 100 percent. Case in point: This shoot with Marisa Miller. He did it in the garbage chute of a Miami Beach building because he fell in love with the wall. Yup, he put Marisa Miller at the bottom of a garbage chute.

So, the other day we were driving around Miami Beach and we spot these huge concerete structures that connect sewer pipes underground. David stops the car and before he can even get a word out, I know what he’s thinking: “We have to shoot here.” And that’s exactly what we did, with me climbing around in a giant concerte hole. It was dirty and dusty and I was worried I’d get my new ridiculously amazing Hoss Intropia jacket smudged. But I and it survived just fine, proving all-weather leather is all-terrain proof, too. Who knew underground pipe connectors made for such a good background? David, that’s who. Of course, this isn’t the last you’ll see of the great concrete connector, as I like to call them. Look for another shoot coming next week. We wanted to get the most out of them before they fulfilled their destiny.