Cream of the Crop

{Top: H&M. Pants: H&M. Shoes: Zara. Necklace: Vintage Locket. Bracelets: Vintage. Lipstick: c/o Maite in Senorita. Polish: c/o Chanel in Suspicious.}

Do I have on crop top? Yes, I do. When I purchased said top I told myself I would only wear it with high-waisted things. I am, after all, a 35-year-old mom. And 35 year old moms don’t wear crop tops. But why the hell not? If you’re 45, 55, 65 and want to wear a crop top and feel good about it, go for it. The best part of fashion is doing things that aren’t expected. And owning it. Turns out TJ Maxx did a whole study on the subject. Apparently, Dr. Hazel Clark, the research chair at Parsons the New School for Design, discovered the 87 percent of women say they are not controlled by fashion, but that they control fashion themselves and use it as a tool to express their personality (that’d be 77 percent) and individuality (that’d be 74 percent).  So what am I expressing here in my crop top? A) It was cute and I wanted to wear it. B) I do a hell of a lot of yoga to try to keep things in place. C) 35 is the new 25. OK, so maybe C is a bit of a fib. But it makes me feel better saying otherwise. So here’s to crop tops. And thongs on the beach. Kidding about that last one. Some things are simply at best a fashion don’t.