Isn’t It Ironic?

{In honor of Throwback Thursday: Top and Matching Skirt: H&M.}

And now for the living definition of irony: After a million years (OK just shy of 999,999 years) of waiting for H&M to arrive in Miami (which finally happened last year), the chain announced H&M will now be launching an e-commerce site in August. Starting next month, you no longer need to get into your car and drive to Lincoln Road to visit the store you waited eons upon eons to open. Soon, you’ll be able to  just log on to H&M and buy whatever trendy pair of shorts you can’t live without this week. While the brand hasn’t announced an actual opening date, they have said it will be in the month of August.

At least now I’ll have an alternative place to shop when they are all out of my size. And I’ll get to relive that little slice of joy I feel when the mailman brings me a package even more often soon enough.