High Five


{Wearing: Dress: Market. Mariana Over the Knee Boots: Cole Haan at Brickell City Centre. Necklace: Blush.}


{My quasi-dramatic pictures for a post that comes straight from my heart.}

And there you have it: Five years of coming to this page and telling it like it is.

Back on November 11, 2011, I got a wild hair to start a blog, so I did. Oh, the places it’s taken me. I broke a story (Wu-gate), which today I look back on and laugh at, and for whatever reason—God, the universe—decided this was what I was meant to do. I have to say, though, at times it has been hard (having multiple jobs and a blog and a kid), tiring (do I even have anything to say), heart-breaking (the haters come out in droves), frustrating (suck it, hackers), but no matter what, it’s been this little space, this haven, where I can go and express, create and speak freely. Starting a blog was the best decision I ever made. And even if no one ever read it and it never went beyond this page right here, I would stand by that statement.

We all need an outlet. We all need a place to go to release whatever is inside of us. Maybe it’s through words. Maybe it’s through pictures. Maybe its through art or song. But there needs to be a place to unload. This is my home for that purpose. I have come here and shared my best and my worst. I have written things that maybe I shouldn’t have, sharing a little too much, speaking a little to loundly. And any time I was afraid of that, someone came to me in person or in words and related to what I shared. That is why, for five years, I kept coming back here. It’s why I’ll come back for five more, and five more after that. We all need something we can relate to. We all need human connection. I guess that’s why blogging took off the way it did globally. It was no longer the pages of glossy magazines with perfectly airbrushed models and advice that came from who knows where. It was relatable, everyday people sharing their loves and likes, struggles and dislikes. We connected with it. We felt it. And it felt good.

I guess what I’ll say today in my 1,825th day of blogging is this: If you’ve ever considered starting a blog, do it. Absolutely, do it. And stick with it. I know, I know, starting a blog is so 2012. But it’s not about that. Maybe you won’t get 101k followers on Instagram. Maybe you won’t be named one of the top blogs in your city—or maybe you will—but I can guarantee you will have a space all your own to express yourself in whatever way your heart desires. In the past five years, I’ve learned that’s what it’s all about.

Thank you for following this journey. Thank you for taking time to comment, like, share. It inspires me more than you will ever know.