Hello, New York

And we’re off. Maria Tettamanti, the Wordy Girl before we set sail on Jet Blue to The Big Apple.

{Me in Necessary Basics shorts. H&M tank. Ramona LaRue bandeau. Jessica Simpson motorcycle boots. Vintage elephant necklace.}

I’m going to reveal some shocking info here: This is my first trip away from kid sans hubby and my second ever trip without kid ever. What can I say, I like these people, so I tend to hang out with them waaaaaayyyyy too much. Then there’s the whole I’m terrified of flying thing. But I’m spreading my wings and venturing out from my little 305 bubble, thanks to the help of my wingman, Maria. Once I kissed hubby and kid goodbye and dried my eyes, it was time to check in. Not only was my suitcase weighing in at more than me, it got an inspection, thanks to my beauty product hoarding, then I got an inspection. Not cool. Now I feel like the airport in Ft. Laudy knows what I look like naked. Eeek. I’m not so great at navigating airports. It’s something I let the husband be in charge of. Oh, but here’s not here. Ball is totally in my court. But I did find my flight, got on it on time, and after that it was smooth sailing. Except for the fact that the place flew around in circles for an hour because it didn’t have room to land. When we finally  touched down in New York, did we stop for a bite? Did we see the sights? Hell no. This is a girl’s trip. We darted to the nearest mani/pedi stop.

Blooming Nails, where I got a cool grey-ish purple from Essie.

The mani/pedi combo at Blooming Nails comes with a 10 minute neck massage. After a three-hour flight, that’s what I’m talking about.

You can run, Maria, but you can’t hide.

I pack five pairs of black shoes and Maria trolls around the city in these.

Next stop: H&M for a sweater. It’s 73 up in here. That’s cold by Miami standards.

{Me in my new cardi with way better nails.}

Just around the corner from H&M, something called Beecher’s, a cheese shop. Hell to the yes.

Toasted cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

And that concludes day numero 1. Totally out of my comfort zone, totally having comfort food.

I’m going to bed early so I can tackle this city from top to bottom tomorrow.