The Road to 2014

{Military jacket: Vintage Marc Jacobs. Graphic sweater: From a clothing swap. Have one! Leggings: H&M. Booties: c/o Marshall’s. Photographed by my mama Beth Culbreth.}

Quoting my friend Kevin, “I want to put a fork in 2013, a silver Tiffany & Co. fork wrapped in a blue box.” Amen, Kevin, Amen. I’ve been looking forward to this January 1 more than any other January 1 in my lifetime. Tonight, when the clock strikes 12, I get a brand new 365, a chapter that is yet to be written. And I’m embracing it with arms open so wide I probably look like a crazy loon trying to hug a year.

Don’t get me wrong, 2013 had amazing highs, like sharing my blog in ways I never dreamed of: the Today show, Marie Claire, Self, NBC6, designing a Smart car, being recognized by The New Times, shooting a promo for Phillip Lim. Amazing. I sent my mini me to kindergarten, I got to play tooth fairy for the first time. I spent an incredible holiday with my family. I even found a new exercise I love (Pilates). And my art hung on walls during Basel. But there were also some pitfalls that I am ready to file away forever. It’s time for a fresh start, to take a new path, make my way down a new road and start a new journey.

And I have a feeling this new chapter is going to be unlike any before it. For starters, I’m beyond thrilled about my new job. I was just hired to be the shopping insider for, the official consumer site for the state. I’ll be covering shopping across the entire state. Not a bad way to kick off a new year.

So what are my New Year’s resolutions?  I’ve only got two (aside from giving the home office a major Ginger-esque makeover): To be as happy and healthy as I can be in 2014.

And there’s nothing that’s going to stop me. To 2014. Ready or not, here I come.