Happy Mother’s Day

There are some moments in your life that you’ll never forget. Moments when your mom is your saving grace, your best friend and your confidant. Here’s to you, Mom.

When I was a little girl, you would put my towel in the dryer and make it warm so that when I got out of the shower I was never cold. Thank you.

You made every Halloween costume I ever wore when I was a kid. And there were nights long after I went to bed that I could hear the sewing machine still going until it was done. You are amazing.

You made the curtains for my first house, because I spent my budget buying the house. You rock.

When I didn’t pass the driver’s test the first time I took it, it was you vs. the DMV. And you put up a serious fight. Go, Mom!

When I moved to New York, you called me every morning to make sure I was OK. I love you, too.

You were a single mom raising two kids. I admire you.

You rented a convertible for us to drive to Gainesville to check out the campus and find me an apartment. That was so much fun.

You held my hand during the worst parts of labor (before the lady with the epidural cart came) and told me to not be a hero and just get the drugs. You’re always right.

You did all the night feedings for Milly the first two weeks of her life. You are my savior.

That time we ate jellybeans and cracked up because the popcorn ones actually tasted like popcorn. You make me laugh.

Last summer when my life felt like someone took a snow globe and instead of shaking it, they turned it upside down and poured all the water out, you were there at noon, midnight, 3 a.m. to get me through. How do I thank you for that?

Laughing at Granny’s new sports bra. My favorite memory ever.

This past weekend, when you made this house my home, my space. I needed that.

Thank you for everything you do, Mom. I love you and hope to be everything to Milly that you have been to me.

My favorite outtakes from our shoot:

You know what they say about shooting with kids and animals. Add in a kid with severe allergies on a spring day in Miami and this is what you get.