Happy Birthday to Me

Can. Not. Wait.

Nope, it’s not actually my birthday. But it will be … the same week “Hunger Games” hits theatres. Ironic, isn’t it, that the first movie from the tween trilogy is coming out on my 34th birthday, and there is a large chance me and all my pre-mid-30s friends will be the first people in line to see it. (How is this series even tween-approved, anyway? It’s so demented.) So, happy birthday to me. If you haven’t read “Hunger Games,” just stop what you are doing now and order all three books on whatever e-reader you have. You’ll be done with them in less than two weeks and then you can re-read my post and leave comments about how I changed your life. (For two whole weeks, anyway). If you have devoured the books, watch this trailer and then tell me you don’t have goose bumps. Amazing. Personally, Peeta is a little too thin for my imagination, but he’ll make due. Katniss, on the other hand, seems dead on. I can’t wait to see this thing come to fruition. Let the games begin.