Looking Back … My Colorado Adventure Finale


When I look back on 2015, the memory that stands out the most, the memory that dominates those 365 days is my trip across Colorado. What started out as an opportunity from Hampton by Hilton turned into something so much more, an adventure, a journey, a road to self discovery. With nothing more than a backpack (and one pair of shoes, mind you), a motorcycle and him, I added a chapter to my life, one that went further than anything I could have ever imagined as I sat in front of my computer picking flights for the Seekender excursion. What lives in these pictures are memories that will last an eternity. And in those memories I learned more about myself than I ever knew.

Back when I was in my very early 20s, I moved to New York without ever even visiting there. I knew no one. I paid rent to sleep on someone’s couch. I was chasing a dream. I have always looked back on those days and laughed at what a gypsy I was. And then, I got older and life happened: job, kid, bills, divorce, obligations. Somehow that gypsy, she got left behind, traded in for lunch meetings, drop-offs and pick-ups, deadlines, binge-watching Netflix series, endless piles of laundry, life. But this past August, as I was sitting atop an Indian motorcycle, surrounded by a Glenwood Springs’ mind-blowing canyon scraping the sky, a sky so blue it was as though God himself used the last of the bluebird crayon to fill it in, my arms wrapped around this amazing man in front of me, I found her, I resurrected her from wherever she’d been lost, this gypsy.

“To the gypsy

That remains

She faces freedom

With a little fear

Well I have no fear

I have only love” 


{From Get Your Motor Running}




{From The Road to Glenwood Springs}


{From Hanging Lake}




{From The Train}







{From Pitstop in Aspen}

And there you have it, the end of the road. Well, the end of this road, anyway. There are so many more before me to travel. And I plan to. In 2016, I will quench my wanderlust. I’d like to thank Hampton by Hilton for making me a Seekender and giving me not just a trip but a story. And I want to thank Jorge for being the captain of this epic journey. #WeGoTogether in more ways than I could have ever imagined.